TOPAKAS HOUSE ενοικιαζόμενα δωμάτια
στον Κάμπο της Χίου

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A few kilometers further south from the town of Chios,

 Kambos spreads out


 A lash area full of old manors which were the holiday homes of wealthy residents of the island. The Kambos of Chios maintains its color through the years making it unique on the island.

Narrow alleys drive between mandarin and orange orchards surrounded by high stone walls. Within those imposing stone houses with cisterns, magganopigada (wheel powered water wells) and pebble courtyards referring to a romantic era long gone.

Such a home is the Topakas House. An old mansion that is passed from generation to generation renovated in a way to serve, in the last twenty five years, as the home of every visitor to the island seeking ways to really get to know the place.


In Topakas House

one can enjoy vacation in doubles, three-bed rooms or small suites, to have breakfast overlooking the cistern, the traditional welland the spectacular orchards, to enjoy the hospitality of the family, to find his house in Chios.

Reasonable prices combined with cosy environment and warm hospitality will garantee your stay to be pleasant and memorable.